Ages  5+

The 2020 AWESOME Festival presents

Mountain Goat Mountain

Artist: Threshold
Place of Origin: VIC

An exciting new and adventurous audio-led theatre experience, Mountain Goat Mountain has been created by Australian theatre company, Threshold during isolation for families across Australia to enjoy at home.

Aimed at families with young children who would like a theatre experience at home, Mountain Goat Mountain is an interactive storytelling journey.

Through a series of activities that help families set up and step into their own magical imaginative world, Mountain Goat Mountain is a theatre experience that that will see participants crawling through tunnels, crossing lava pits and swimming through underwater caves without leaving home!

Image credit: Lakshal Perera

Bring a theatre experience home by purchasing a family pass to Mountain Goat Mountain.

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45 mins

$12.95 for a 30 day family pass